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Hi I'm new on live journal and in this community. I am a military spouse and mom. My hubby did 8 years regular army and is currently AGR (active duty National Guard, which means the National Guard is his every day job). My oldest daughter is in the Air Force (Supply) and is currently getting ready to return from deployment somewhere in the middle east. My oldest son is currently in Army AIT, learning his trade (fiber optics communications). My two younger children are both in high school. My younger daughter wants to be a doctor, and my younger son wants to be a pilot in the Air Force. We are a military family through and through. We love it. We hate when someone is deployed, but we deal with it, we pray for them, and we love them like crazy when they come back home. My hubby is currently not deployed overseas, but his Unit is. He had already done a deployment overseas in the last couple of years and is now staying back to keep the rear detachment running smoothly. I also work with the military; I am a teacher in a Youth Challenge Program. I don't work FOR the military (I work for the state), but I do work WITH National Guardsmen who are our CADRE (disciplinarians). Check out my livejournal to learn more about YCP.
Oh, also, we live in Louisiana, so my husband, as a National Guardsman, has been working seven days a week nonstop since two days before Hurricane Katrina hit. Don't believe anything you hear about Louisiana's National Guard not responding, they have been working their asses off since this happened. They were there BEFORE the storm. Fortunately we live near the armory he is now working out of so he comes home every night, but there are Guardsmen who have been here since the storm and are still activated and not at home with their families. Some of them came back from a deployment in Iraq and went straight to New Orleans. They're working hard and we love them.
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